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Economic Development
Better Cities Committee of Illinois
Seeks ways ways to improve the economic environment of urban areas through a fundamental fiscal reform that will lay the ground work for a more viable city.
Illinois Development Finance Authority
self-supporting government agency that stimulates economic development throughout the state.
Illinois Facilities Fund (IFF)
Nonprofit community development lender and consultant for nonprofits in Illinois.
Illinois State Chamber of Commerce
Promote the interests of business by educating and persuading policy-makers.
Illinois Tax Increment Association
Offers information on the organization, learn how tax increment finance (TIF) works, what communities are using TIF and for what purposes, get the latest news. Northern Illinois Business and Industry Data Center
Serves businesses and individuals in the 24-county Northern Illinois region including the Chicago, Kankakee, Rockford.
North Business & Industrial Council (NORBIC)
Membership offers businesses access to valuable information, grants, networking opportunities.
PRCCI - Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Illinois
A not for profit corporation that develops, assists, and promotes Hispanic business interests, and other businesses within the state.