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Finding Chicago, Il Real Estate

One can't really discuss Illinois real estate without focusing on the Chicago, Il real estate first. This is not only because of the size of the Second City, but because of the size and strength of its economy, its active port, and the broad appeal that it possesses for many people who want to live in its unique culture and environment. There is much to see and do in Chicago, but other areas in Illinois offer diverse and unique opportunities as well.

Chicago, Il real estate properties differ greatly depending on their location and price. For example, some of the more expensive homes in Chicago are actually penthouses, condos and apartments in the huge skyscrapers that overlook the entire city as well as Lake Michigan - something that people living outside of metropolitan areas probably don't quite understand. At prices up to $1,000 per square foot, these properties are affordable only to the very elite and are usually one of many homes for executives, rock stars, and the wealthiest of wealthy.

Many people, despite having the funds to afford one of these lush apartments, chose to live in the north part of the city, where parks and beaches are nearby, as well as having the opportunity to have a back yard, live in a more suburban type environment and have more privacy as well. These homes are more expensive than the average loft or apartment in downtown, but for the people who can afford them, they offer a great alternative to the extremely urban penthouses in the Loop.

The West and South sides of Chicago offer much less in the way of luxury and aesthetics, but real estate prices in these parts of Chicago are far more affordable for the "average" person considering the often less-than-pristine conditions of the neighborhoods in these areas. The South side, in particular has a fairly bad reputation for being a lower class area, and for the most part that reputation is understandable. However, there are some neighborhoods in the South side that offer great value and are very similar to the more suburban areas on the North side.

In short, do your research and find the area that best meets your needs, your budget, and your personal preferences - whatever they may be. In a city as diverse as Chicago, Il real estate options are just as diverse and there is something in the greater Chicago area for pretty much anyone.

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