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Chicago Homes by Neighborhood

With millions of people living throughout the sprawling metropolis of Chicagoland, there are always plenty of Chicago homes on the market for newcomers to choose from. In spite of the housing diversity within Chicago, factors like personal preferences and budget may limit buyer options though.

For example, a lot of people will pay an arm and a leg to live in the heart of the city. In Chicago, this probably means an apartment on The Loop in a high-rise building that costs several thousand dollars every month. For this hefty price-tag, residents can enjoy lakefront views and proximity to all the attractions in downtown Chicago.

On the other hand, some people prefer the quieter atmosphere of the suburbs. Single-family homes might not stretch half a mile into the sky, but they do provide a lot of privacy and they usually come with their own yards. Besides, with fast and affordable public transportation like the EL, the entertainment and excitement in the city is never far away. As the largest section of Chicago the South Side has the highest number of single-family homes, but the North Side has a fair number of them too.

The North Side is one of the most popular real estate areas in Chicago. Perhaps this is due to the many lakeside trails, parks and beaches it has. Even though the North Side is Expensive, demand for the area is high enough that houses don't last long on the market.

More affordable housing can be found west of the Loop which makes it a popular area for students. Wicker Park, the Greek community and boutique shopping characterize this part of the city. Old warehouses are another common sight. In fact, many of the older warehouses that weren't being used commercially have been restored and converted into loft apartments.

In spite of its reputation for gangs, the South Side is home to Chicago's safest neighborhood year after year. In addition to being safe, South Side Chicago is full of ethnic diversity. For example, Little Italy, China Town, Little Village (Mexican) and the Irish community are all located in the South Side. There are also a lot of things to see and do in South Side. For example, Hyde Park, the Saint Patrick's Day Parade and historic districts are signature attractions in the area.

With so many neighborhoods to choose from, it would be helpful to have a Realtor at your side - especially if you are thinking of buying property rather than renting. After all, someone who knows the area and which houses are for sale can save you a lot of time.

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